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refuge last year in order to avoid extradition to sweden and ultimately the u.s. meanwhile, a bradley manning, the individual accused of leaking documents to wikileaks, will be on trial next week. the colonel saito talk more aboe are joined here at the sundance film festival by the director alex gibney, the oscar-award winning filmmaker. his other films include "mea maxima culpa : silence in the house of god," "enron: the smartest guys in the room." "taxi to the dark side" focuses on a taxi driver in afghanistan. you were awarded the academy award for that film. it is good to have you with us. tell us why you decided to do this film "we steal secrets: the story of wikileaks." >> originally when i was brought into this -- i got a call from universal to take it on. i took it on because i thought it was the ultimate david and goliath story. julian assange, the silver surfer of the internet, taking on the biggest superpowers. it seemed like a classic david and goliath story for me at the beginning. >> and then what happened? >> there are a lot of components to the story. one, i discover t
't have passed any of the spending stuff. first off, two countries in the world, united states and sweden who have a debt ceiling. people got rid of it, because what jonas is saying, it's political. and the second issue is, i don't want our economy held hostage and run by washington, right now, the buffoons in congress have more power over the economy with the, you know, stupid idea. if we give them this type of power we've hurt ourselves, kick the power away as far as i'm concerned. >> isn't this a dangerous way to enforce fiscal discipline? shouldn't we be doing it because we have a budget and stick with it like most americans have to? >> well, we do have a budget, but the budgets aren't being passed. they're not being adopted. look, anything that keeps the focus on reducing debt and deficit in my mind is a good thing. getting rid of the debt limit is papering over the real uncertainty, which is american consumers, american investors don't know if and when washington will ever adopt a sensible fiscal policy. i wish we had it come up every month. >> gary b. basically steve is saying this
. they bought a refurbished russian plane from sweden. they went to swooeden to get it. they're hopscotching their way across europe and then the atlan atlantic and then to arizona to bring it home. on this video, you can see them on a road. they're on that road after an emergency landing. at one point, a tractor is cutting out part of the snow so they can make a runway for these guys to take off. see all those people along the road? looky loos. just people interested in seeing them try to get that plane to america. now, on december 21st, the adventure started. they were in sweden. they got the plane. then their instrument panel went out. they had to wait for that to get fixed. at one point, the batteries went out. then the radio went dead. then snowy weather caused them a problem. then the plane sunk in the mud. >> something was definitely trying to stop them om getting where they were th problems. they'll get there. all these different things they come across, all these challenge, they're meeting people that are helping them out. that's awesome. >> good thing they're having these problems
to sweden. the reason i am here is essentially in relation to the united states. the swedish government said publicly that it would in prison me without charge. in such a situation, i would not be able to apply for asylum. the ecuadorean government has asked the swedish government to give a guarantee that i would not be extradited to the united states. we have asked for a long time for such a guarantee. all the regular processes are being refused in this case. it is an extremely hot and as our case. i encourage everyone to look at that aspect of the case, you can see all the material that the police claim to be true, the other things that have occurred under cambridge, condemning the decision that were made here. >> are you saying that you would go to sweden if they assured you that you would not be district -- extradited to the united states to answer questions about the sexual abuse? >> i would like to get back to your book. in terms of the future of the internet, talk about the importance that you see of cryptography as a weapon of the people on the internet. >> the
more than double on health care than other so-called nations like britain, france and sweden, we don't live any longer and we are not as healthy. says the lead doctor, quote, the size of the health disadvantage was pretty stunning. why are we so sickly? a bunch of reasons such as our fondness for fast-food. and car accidents, gun violence and drug over doses are major contributors to years of life lost by americans before age 50. and as that did doctor from before put it, we have a country that cherishes personal autonomy and wants to limit intrusion of entities in our lives. some of the forces may act against the ability to achieve optimal health outcomes. also we apparently consume too many cigarettes. >> adults, don't try that at home. kids, do whatever you wants. >> roger, welcome to the show. is this saying we would be healthier? >> the whole problem is the government wasn't running enough of our lives. parents don't tell their kids what to eat. they don't tell their kids to get off the couch. they don't tell their kids to quit playing the video games and go outside. the problem
.s.a. and sweden. at the gold medal game of the junior championship. grimaldi takes it in, then a few minutes later again. team courthouse -- team usa victorious. the warriors are taking on the clippers tonight. >> ama: how much would you spend for a really good drink? the big bucks someone ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. i've got two tickets to paradise!l set? pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> join
sweden, the third man was a longtime resident of britain. their whereabouts have been unknown for months. according to the washington post, the men were arrested in the east african country of djibouti on a "murky pretext" in august. there then questioned by u.s. interrogators before secretly being indicted by a u.s. grand jury and flown to the u.s. for trial. >> the men are accused of supporting the al-shabab militia, which the u.s. considers a terrorist group, despite admissions by u.s. officials that most fighters are not terrorists but simply fighters in somalia's civil war. their appearance in a u.s. court offer new evidence about how president obama is quietly continued the controversial practice known as rendition. to talk more about the significance of this case, we're joined by ephraim savitt, a lawyer representing one of the three accused men. and joining us via democracy now that a string, clara gutteridge, a human rights investigator and director of the equal justice forum. talk about the significance of these three men, who they are, ending up in a new york court over the ho
and one lawyer gets a million dollars. melissa: that's exactly right. moving on, this time swedens agriculture proposing a carbon tax on meat. so much of the meat in sweden has to be imported that it supposedly puts a strain on the environment. sweden wants to discourage people from eating it. i feel like michael bloomberg is behind me and me, he was coy over their consulting. have i get an idea for you guys. melissa: i love me, and i hate taxes. there's nothing good about this story. how- melissa: just a stupid story. you're calling it as it is. >> i don't like me. think of all right. i honestly, did come into this. is this too much of the strain. we will defer to you guys. melissa: slap a carbon tax on anything. in the obviously are going to. why pick me? >> the whole thing is made up anyway. to give me started on your carbon taxes. a huge source of revenue. in the -- in his course of life, he spent years railing against the oil companies, and he just sold out. melissa: i feel like michael blumberg was behind this. melissa: i bet both of them. so this was interesting. apparently
writer from sweden, and i went over there, and for three days in stockholm, we did 50 interviews with newspapers and magazines. you write a book here, you can't find a journalist here. is there a journalist here? okay, god bless you two. [laughter] interesting difference in the cultures. in sweden, 8 million people, her books sell over a million copies in a country with 8 million people. >> wow. amazing. >> well, along those lines, tell us about -- some of you in miami know there was a thing called world book night. mr. patterson is the co-chairperson with ann of the 2013 world book night. want to talk a little bit about that? >> yeah. this, as far as i know, started in england, and it's very effective in england bought the government got involved in addition to the book sellers, and it really got well-organized to the point where basically every kid in the country get money to go in and buy a book, and the bookstores sort of, you know, price them in a nice way. this won't be as big yet, but i think we're giving away a half a million books. >> right. >> it's a start, and you know
a deal in place or the season will be can -- cancelled. >> in russia, team u.s.a. and sweden meeting the junior championship. u.s. down 1-0. second period, grimaldi, then grim mad diagain, in front of the net. deflection foes, team u.s.a. victorious over he swedes. 3-1 the final and at 6:00 we have highlights. santa clara, a big one. >> ama: up next, >> leigh: here's another look at live doppler 7hd. you can see the cold front spreading the rain across the bay area. if you're heading out tonight you'll need the rain gear. a little break tomorrow afternoon. >> ama: thank you so much. coming up in a half hour at 6:00. get ready to pay more to park in san francisco. the new rules that take effect tomorrow. >> the battle to save a bay area ice rink. join us for abc-7 at 6:00. >>> and that does it for us here at 5:00. i'm ama daetz. for leigh glaser, arch here, thank you for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >>> this is "world news." tonight -- air scare. as a crew taking one passenger into their own hands, using duct tape to subdue him. witnesses say that he was dr
books there. heard all around the world. >>> in sweden, an ice bath might not seem so appealing when it's by surprise. an elk out for a morning stroll, unwillingly took an icy dip when it fell through a pool cover and into the water. emergency crews had to use both a harness and a ladder to free the elk. no word on how much time the animal spent in the cold water before rescue teams came there. with. bet he was awake after that one. >> he should have chosen the heated pool next door. >>> time for an early look at some of the stories we'll follow throughout the day on nbc. the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments on whether police can force suspected drunk drivers to have blood drawn. at issue is whether a blood test constitutes an unreasonable search. which is prohibited by the fourth amendment. >>> the world's oldest underground rail celebrates a milestone. the london tube opened in 1863 to help alleviate overcrowded streets. we know that here in new york. >>> and another birthday across the pond. catherine, the duchess of cambridge, celebrates her 31st birthday. duchess kate is expe
year to him and his family. >> now to a good comeback story -- sweden [indiscernible] 1 hydro when a torn achilles' tendon ruin her chance for the olympics. then came the 2005 world athletic championships in helsinki. she made it back from injury and became the world champion. >> my greatest moment on sports and i would say my life was winning the world championship. getting a gold medal was fantastic and the preparation before i tore my achilles' tendon a few weeks before the olympics was my big bill. i don't believe this to start off with leader but i learned how to walk again and eventually i managed to come back. getting a little mental break as well. it was by far the greatest. >> i remember the competition itself. were you always confident? did the fortunes rise and fall? >> i was really nervous because i felt like this was my chance to win a "bridge into a gold medal. during the helsinki games, the weather was horrible. 10 degrees, pouring down and when we walked into the stadium, this guy opened up and it was like the sun came down for the first time. then all my anxiety le
has been shot and critically injured during a jewelry store highest highest -- heist in sweden. the lunchtime shootout happened in a shopping mall south of stockholm. bystanders recorded the tense moments as four men tried to get away after holding up the store with assault rivals. rifles. one was hit in the head and left behind when the stolen getaway car raced from the scene. he's in hospital in critical condition and three others have been arrested. in the u.s., a gunman has killed three hostages in the same colorado town as the so-called batman killings last year. police stormed the gunman's aurora house after hours of failed negotiations. inside, they found the hostages dead as well as the gunman. it's unclear whether the officers shot the suspect or whether he killed himself. the leaders of sudan and south sudan have met in the ethiopian capital adas abba for a second day of crisis talks, discussing oil and border issues with african mediators. sudan and south sudan came close to war last year after the south became a separate state, both accusing the other of supporting
from germany, from britain, ireland, sweden, and spain in particular, but as i say, no expectation whatsoever that the other eu countries will join france with boots on the ground. in fact, a statement from the foreign ministers invited or encouraged a group of west african countries to engage more directly now on the ground. this is seen not necessarily in any way as an eu matter, but very much something for france because of its historical ties to mali and the west african troops because of the geography, and at a bigger level, for the united nations to intervene if it wants to, but there is no doubting the eu's commitment in terms of finance and military expertise, military equipment to help france resolve this crisis quickly. one of the main things that the eu foreign ministers have confirmed today is the dispatch of troops, not for fighting, as i say, but for training -- to train malian forces so they are competent to take over from french troops. the mission will be from the country's 500 troops, probably, a gauge in training of forces -- the mission will be from many countri
between countries, but people in the u.k. were more reluctant to receive help. in sweden few -- only one out of 10 worried about wasted -- wasting a doctor's time, but co, but people it was one out of three in england. researchers from king's college, london, believe that they know why this is. >> [indiscernible] people might say that they want to have children treated rather than themselves. >> variations in care are other factors that may play a part in the patchy cancer record in the u.k. researchers say the people can do a lot to help themselves as early diagnosis is a key factor in positive outcomes. >> you are watching "gmt," our top story this hour -- taking on the regime with homemade bombs, we uncover rebels. the conflict in syria is bound to be one of the most pressing problems awaiting john kerry, when he takes over as u.s. secretary of state. his colleagues overwhelmingly confirmed his landslide endorsement. so, it is the end of an era for hillary clinton and she has been giving her departing fox, speaking to our state department correspondent, who asked her if washington had
of aruba. and sweden, around 50% and set -- 57%. >> today begins three days of mourning on the ivory coast for the 61 people crushed to guess -- crushed to death in a stampede. witnesses said people tried -- police tried to control crowds around the stadium, posting a new year's fireworks display, but the situation got out of hand as many people panicked. 200 people were also at injured in the stampede. coming up next, your maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. another check of the insta- weather plus forecast with tony. first, and look at wall street this hour. this hour. >> we continue to follow the breaking news that ray lewis has announced his retirement. what that means for the ravens and the fans. a pizza delivery driver a salted. and sounds -- a salted. and shots rang out on new year's not uncovered -- uncommon. but one bullet may have struck a young girl in the head. that is all coming up tonight on "11 news at 5:00." now your maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> happy new year. it is time to play your pick 3 numbers. here we go. for starters we have a 2, followed b
. and it will be developed by a man that runs this store in sweden. he's got custom-built spikers, upgradeable play lists. you can access it all on the internet. the price tag is a little steep, $30,000, but if you want to rock on when you are underneath the rocks, well that will be the thing for you. it's crazy. >> don't sing that. >> no. >> all right. >>> but david says that he doesn't care. he feels like barry bond, sammy sosa and roger clemmons should be in the hall of fame. it generally believed if they did use steroids that it started late in their careers. by that time they already had the hall of fame numbers. i think at that point it was not so much to get ahead, but to keep up. so many younger players were showing increases in their batting runs. isn't that always the story? they feel like they have to do it just to keep up? that doesn't make it right and it surely doesn't mean that anybody will put you in the hall of fame. and of course it would not be the mail bag this week without a comment or two on rg3 and his knee. lori from kings county virginia says we all need to take a chill pill. wh
. >>> you're looking at cell phone footage outside of a busy shopping center near stockholm, sweden. as this cell phone pans over, you notice something quite terrifying. what you're actually looking at is a police shoot-out outside of this busy shopping mall at lunch time on a busy shopping day. these plain-clothed police officers are actually shooting at some armed robbers, who were armed withof a jewelry store that they have just robbed. you can hear the shots ringing out. [ gunfire ] you see one officer get down on his knee and take aim, and then as the camera pans back towards the shopping center, notice that silver car. that's the getaway car for these people who were coming out of this jewelry store. it quickly begins to back away, but notice this man laying down on the ground. that's one of the six robbers, according to reports, and police shot him in the head as he was trying to escape. what this other angle is, from the shopping center -- >> this shows us how many people were out there. at first it looks like nobody but the thieves and the police, but now there's a whole bu
not used to being around people. >> this elk in sweden was just wandering around the neighborhood and just decided you know what? i'm going to wander around in somebody's backyard. ended up falling into the pool. it had something covering the pool, but it wasn't strong enough for the elk. >> the pool almost not eastern big enough to fit that elk. >> ah, this is really sad to watch. the poor little guy must have been terrified. >> well, he thought it was a hot tub. >> got to say, that thing was lucky to be alive. >> they don't know how long he's been there. >> he's doing the walk of shame, you guys. he's embarrassed! >>> flies high above to get supplies to the troops down below. >> the guys get to the edge of that door, tethered with safety straps. >> amazing work. it's terrifying video. >> see how these dudes get it droppin'. >>> and check out this girl showing off her skills on the slopes. but get this. this girl is 10 years old. >> oh, my >>> we've seen this type of video before. really cool moves, going really fast downhill, curvy roads. >> like hairpin turns. >> and that is steep. >> i
popular writer from sweden. i went over there for three days in stockholm and we did almost 50 interviews with newspapers and magazines. if you write a book here, you can find journalists. is there a journalist tear? god bless you two. but it's interesting, there's there is a difference in the cultures. sweden has a million people. her books sell over 1 million copies in the country with 8 million people. >> amazing. along those lines, tell us a little bit about, some of you in miami know there was this thing called world book night and mr. patterson is now the cochairperson with van patchett of the 2013 world book sight. do you want to talk a little bit about that? >> yeah, as far as i know this started in england and it's very effective in england because the government got involved in addition to all the booksellers and it really got well organized, to the point where basically every kid in the country gets a little bit of money to go in and buy a book and the bookstores sort of you know, price them in a nice way. this won't be as big yet but i think we are giving away half a million b
, sweden, etc. -- are socialist. is socialism is term that's just outdated? >> guest: well, i think it is. look, let's take an example that was big in the election campaign. car companies going bankrupt during the last cycle. america, big capitalist country, doesn't have a social safety net, so if those countries went bankrupt, a million people would be out of work. it'd be a social catastrophe. so the government had to step in and bail those companies out. sweden had a car company that went bankrupt, saab. but because of the social safety net and extensive retraining programs, they let saab go bankrupt. they let the market take its course. which is more capitalist? the country with a safety net that could allow the market to do its thing or the country without one that couldn't afford to let the market do its thing? >> host: and finally, let's go back to the title, "power, inc.." is this a how-to? >> guest: well, i suppose you could read it that way, but i think it's more a cautionary tale. i think it's a story about how the growth of the power of private actors has expanded dramatically
. my mother, um was in germany at the end of the second world war and she needed to escape to sweden. so, to disguise these coins and to take them out of germany to sweden she hid them in a coat and disguised them as buttons so they wouldn't be noticed by the germans. and she was told that any valuables would be destroyed. and she managed to take these coins out of germany. so, in here is one of the gold rubles. yeah, so, i think-- it's heavy. yeah, it's heavy. and these are the ones that you've taken out. so, she just wore them on her coat, on her dress just there on her body. yes, but she told me that she, um cycled through some thunderstorm with a cake that her mother had given her to give to this family and she never saw her mother again. so, there she was with the only worldly goods she had, which were these coins stitched into these buttons, on her bike... with a cake. with a cake, cycling to what she hoped would be her salvation. well, yes. i mean, she left on the premise that she her parents would meet up with her in lubeck, but she never saw her moth
and that office condition is narrowing the gaps to the united states as far as their economic freedom. sweden. another way, germany. this is where a lot of businesses want to go to duck business. they are leaving the united states in many cases. also switzerland only consider three economic freedom country in the world. grease again mostly unfreed according to the raifrngings. the most shocking thing is the united states continues to fall in the rankings. the overall trend however is some good news. there is good news here. economic freedom seems to be increasing. bad news for us at home is a lot of businesses may be taking here. we need them to keep people from being greedy and corrupt and whatnot. >> i think a big part of this study was government spending. in the overall global improvements we have seen in economic freedom is people are cutting back in spending. that's improving overall globally. government spend aka taxes. part of the heritage foundation's definition of economic freedom is the ability to invest your money however you want and hold on to your money. limited government was
, denmark, finland, norway, sweden, serbia, switzerland, israel, even new zealand, already allow women in combat roles and frontline positions. out of the more than 6,400 total americans killed in iraq and afghanistan, at least 130 american women have been killed in the line of fire. and the number of american women wounded is over 800. soon, women will be able to fight back on the front lines and in elite special forces, but women will have to meet the same strength standards as men if they choose a combat role. senator john mccain, vietnam war hero, and tortured as a prisoner of war, favors the women in combat role. but adds this. "it is critical that we maintain the same high standards that have made the american military the most feared and admired fighting force in the world. particularly the rigorous physical standards for our elite special forces units." allowing women in combat roles will open up more than 200,000 jobs to women, mostly in the army and marine corps. the plan is to be drawn up by may and implemented over three years. combat experience, by the way is considered a
support options call 1-888-xarelto or visit >>> in sweden a stolen train -- a stolen train. i said it -- taken on a joy ride leads to disaster. the stolen train went straight into an apartment building after plowing through barriers at the end of the track. the empty train was taken by the alleged woman hired to clean it. the five people sleeping inside weren't hurt. of all things that you would steal a train, i don't understand. the tracks have to end somewhere. >>> "cbs moneywatch" time on this wednesday. a u.s. downgrade threat and working out the victoria's secret way. ashley morrison here in new york with that and more. ash, good morning. >>> and good morning to you, terrell. well, the united states could be on the verge of another credit rating downgrainge. rating firm fitch warns that the united states could lose its top credit ceiling if the debt ceiling is not raised. timothy geithner has warned congress they'll reach that limit as early as next month. >>> asian markets plummetled ahead of key economic data. it plummeted more than 2.5% while
for this one. 100 cars and trucks crashed today on two parallel highways in sweden. three people were killed and 20 were hurt. it was foggy and the pavement was slippery. the most famous skyline in the world is getting a new look. we'll show you in just a moment. >> pelley: wal-mart is attacking every ar we pi a necity to plore. t thankso hotwir this yeawe got ttake extratrip. becae they g us ridiculoly low pces on rlly niceotelsand carentals. we hit ston the sprg-- even caut a game and wi the mon we save we tk a trip to s francis. yosee, hotre check the mpetitio' rates evy day they caguarante theilow pric. so, whe to nex hoabout the? ♪-o-t-w-i-e... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i wish my patients could see what i see. ♪ ♪ that over time, having high cholesterol and any of these risk factors can put them at increased risk for plaque buildup in their arteries. so it's even more important to lower their cholesterol and that's why, when diet and exercise alone aren't enough, i prescribe crestor. in a clinical trial versus lipitor crestor got more high-risk patients' bad cholesterol to a
knives. and in sweden he is considered a meatball, bill schulz. look at that. >> and if comedic genius was an alligator attack i would beat him up in florida. it is sherrod small. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. >> i'm sorry. i apologize. does a floppy eared bunny make you act funny this looking at adorable animals or babies triggers expressions of aggression or as it is known cute aggression. as one student put it, quote, you know you can't stand it, you can't handle it, that kind of thing. researchers found this out after observing the people holding bubble wrap popped more bubbles. it is unclear why cuteness has this affect. but an author suggests that it is possible seeing a wide-eyed baby triggers our drive to care for that creature, but since the animal is a picture the urge may be frustrated. that frustration could lead to aggression. what examples were suesed in this study? stuff like this. >> and this? or this. >> that was me playing the piano. >> and this. even this. >> and this. and maybe this. even this. >> i want to slash this glass table and every window in
. this is not neutral. if the united states says it tough lot, we're going to have to confront japan, russia, sweden, for example, the three most aggressive prohibitions. in latin america, in three days, on the 12th, they will vote on the air readmission of bolivia to make legal coca chilling. five days ago, there were five countries that objected. the united states, the united kingdom,, and canada, italy and sweden. what we see is a contradiction in policies and from a latin american point of view, we see what is a double moral. of the united states. that is going to have consequences in terms of, not just the war on drugs in latin america, but on the credibility of american policies. what we are doing in colorado and washington is not just domestic policy. it is the best -- international policy. >> we can take two of those comments, rather than questions. the first one in terms of the public health perspective in colorado, and there was a question -- >> i would say that we did not have that debate. the reason, angelyn mentioned this, this is an initiative. there were no hearings. you have to fram
. sweden, for example, has become the latest country to announce that it will lower corporate tax rates in part to help attract more foreign investment in sweden. our corporate tax rates continue to be higher than they should and rewee lose our competitive advantage to other nations in part because of that high tax rate. mr. president, i want to talk about a way to fix both these problems. since joining the senate, i have introduced in each new congress the fair tax act. today i am reintroducing this legislation because of my belief that the fair tax can fix the problems built into our current tax code. the fair tax will promote freedom and economic opportunity by eliminating our current archaic and inefficient tax code and replacing it with a simpler, fairer means of collecting tax revenue. it will repeal the individual income tax, the corporate income tax, capital gains tax, all payroll taxes, the self-employment tax and the estate and gift tax, in lieu of a 23% tax on the final sale of all goods and services. elimination of these inefficient taxing mechanisms will not only bring abou
sweden. reaction from our barack and hard place duo here now monica crowley and alan colmes. who punched you? >> it was a very ugly christmas dinner at the crowley household this year. bam, right in the kisser. >> what really happened? >> i'm auditioning for the real housewives of beverly hills. that's what's going on. >> what really happened to you? >> i looked like cass tell yesterday. >> bill: you snell. were you drunk. >> no. i fell. >> bill: for no reason? >> i was thinking of what i'm going to say next on the factor and boom. >> bill: you look like mickey rosenbacher. you would say you are a traditional conservative. >> i think so. >> bill: i'm surprised that there are in america very few traditional leaders, would you agree with that? nobody to rally around. it's a scattered tradition. correct? >> there are some obviously in the churches. some trying to lead a traditional cultural -- >> bill: no, no. who in the churches? who? >> i would say pastors -- i'm talking about. >> liberals are rallying around who? who? >> barack obama. obviously. >> huge icon? >> you are right to say we d
, sweden. snowing into the apartment. in st. louis, no updates, just another school shooting at this four-year school. an arts college, fashion, design and the like. the early reporting is that 21-year-old student was upsit with a financial adviser, went in and shot that financial adviser and then shot himself. they're in the lpt. police are investigating. we will take you there tonight on fox report. the dow is closing, the final bell is ringing. it is up on the session. it was down all day and went up. why? i don't know why. >> neil: we are watch it would go stories developing simultaneously at this hour, first, of course, the latest school shooting, this time at a college in st. louis. we know two who were injured. we are hearing one is a school financial adviser. the other, presumably the suspect, said to be in police custody with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, all on the evrksze of the president's gun control plan and his assault on assault weapons. we are keeping on top of that with the likes of missouri senator roy blunt to git his read on all of that. meanwhile, to washington...
came upon this scene outside stockholm sweden. at first no idea why the commuter train crashed that the kitchen of a building. 5 people inside were asleep. just fine. turns out that female employee someone who cleans the trains started the train drove it a mile until it jumped the track and wedged into the building. she is seriously hurt as well as charge with endangering the public. no report as to why she stole the train. >> the call to surfer for the maverick invitation out very soon. organizers watch the waves and conditions are good enough at this point for the big wave surf contest to possibly run this coming sunday. decision is expected friday or early saturday to give contestant time to get into town. spectators not allowed near the cliff above maverick because of safety and environmental concerns. there were injuries during the 2010 contest when waves reached the beach and spent spectator off their feet. window runs until march 31 but conditions look good for 25 foot waves. speaking of conditions. update the forecast. spencer has thatth. >> all right dan co
administration has said it will offer support but not american troops. >>> and in sweden a young woman drove an empty commuter train to the end of the line where it derailed and slammed right into an apartment building. the woman was seriously injured but fortunately the families inside the building were not hurt. the woman had a job cleaning the train. a spokesperson for the train company says it's not that hard to drive a train. >>> sobering news for those looking to buy a train in san francisco. according to trulia a real estate website the median sales price in san francisco is now $777,000. that's an increase of about 21% compared to this time last year. trulia says its average listing price for a home in san francisco last week was just under $1.5 million. >>> we are also learning foreclosure sales in california are down 48% from last year. a report from website foreclosure radar looked at december foreclosure sales. government pressure on banks to work with homeowners and keep them in their homes is partially responsible for the decline. >>> a dutch manufacturing is recalling more tha
and sweden. >>> the creator of the segway is among a group of investors that have decided a stomach pumping machine that makes calorie disappear. it works by sucking the food right out of the stomach so only a third of the calories are actually absorbed. it connects to another device on the outside of the stomach. there you see it in action. one year trial of 24 obese patients people lost about 45 pounds. >>> scientists say it could help unlock the secrets of the universe but we have to get there first. phobos is the larger of two moons orbiting mars. we drew to engineers at stanford that are hard at work of o a new kind of rover. >> its popping and tumbling motion. >> this is an early simulation of a robot in ten years could look like this. a titanium soccer ball covered in spikes. they call it a hedge hog and could one day explore mars biggest moon, a moon that is about the size of san francisco bay and has almost no gravity. >> nasa's mars rovers have wheels. >> you could flip it over. you could completely loose control of it. >> so the students are making it tumble and hop using spinnin
. >> that certainly did. a girl i met from sweden and i, her name is karen, we had gone to either a wedding or a funeral, i can't remember which it was on the island which just next to formetera and we missed the last ferry boat where our stuff was, oursf!ç/iv bags andr friends. so we had to spend the night, didn't have any money for a hotel so we spent the night in a cafe that was closed up for the night. and as we were waiting for the if you are boat to leave in the morning and as the sun came up, that song just ... >> rose: when did sweet baby jane come. >> i was driving, it was six months to a year later. i was driving down route 95 to north carolina to see my nephew james for the first time. and i was thinking what sort of song would be good for a little baby boy. >> rose: and it just came. a cowboy lullaby i had in mind. the spoke half also happened on the road on the turn pike from boston on route 90. so 95, 90. >> rose: and the president's favorite i think is your smiling face. >> that song was just, you know, it's just a celebration, just a happy love song, had a lot of energy
more as we get closer. >> thanks, doug. >>> over in sweden some guy has come up with the ultimate gadget for music lovers. check this out. ♪ >> introducing the catacomb-o sound system, a revolutionized, for audio fyphiles on the other side. >> it's it's call the cata-coffin. the inventor says he's gten a lot of calls from the u.s., canada, even taiwan. here's the deal. he hasn't sold a single one yet. maybe it's because of the price tag. that coffin costs $30,000. what's that guy doing? >> demonstrating. >> anyway he believes that he'll eventually sell one. he says probably to some rock and roll star. as i said not a single one sold yet. one might be inclined to respond with a "duh." >>> before we go, we have to say happy birthday to the senior member of our team. another year older and wiser. >> is that a compliment or a shot? i'm not
? >> they will go on sale in the next few days and tomorrow is the, haven't, the embassy of sweden, and we'll honor them and they'll be sold in stores here in the d.c., maryland, virginia area with 25% going back. >> that is awesome. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> reporter: wish you all the best. to get more information, the website is mentor >> thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> and how's the weather? >> they're saying i'm jealous, she got to say i had to us on tv. they probably jealous because they didn't go outside, right? >> and working indoors was not the place to be. >> true, true. >> and that is one more day. and today, i always say it was a bit of a shock even to me because we did not expect temperatures to 79. one degrees, right? and who cares. at least today, the temperatures are the story and we down to pan now. the i-81 corridor has been fantastic with the temperatures in the upper 60s is to 70 and fredericksburg in the lower 70s and you were stuck with crowds. the wins coming off of the bay and that kept you in the 40s and new york city, 43 and mild te
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